World-class surfing destination

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan Surf Breaks.

With a growing reputation as world-class diving and surfing destinations, Nusa Lembongan and its twin sister Nusa Ceningan have become must see islands for experienced surfers and divers from around the world.

Off the Beaten Path Surfing Destination

The quiet, friendly and laid-back islands are reminiscent of how Bali was decades ago. With an unsatiable urge to travel off the beaten path and explore new destinations, adventure seekers started to migrate towards these twin islands at the turn of the millenia.

The waves around these islands are amazing, however it’s best to surf at medium to high tide. Be very careful when surfing here, with names like lacerations, shipwreck and razor, it’s not hard to grasp that you are entering treatcherous waters! A good thing to remember: if it’s crowded, go surf!

The breaks are usually packed at prime tide times, with 20-30 surfers out. Surfers tend to look out for each other and would normally spot and assist anyone in trouble. When in doubt, make friends with the locals!  Otherwise, it’s probably best to just head over to Ceningan Resort’s lounge, have a few drinks and play some rounds of your fav board games!

surfing destination nusa ceningan

For the experienced surfers wanting to test their skills, here’s a summary of the local breaks:

Playgrounds (left and right hander)

Nestled below cliffs offering good SE trade protection, this is the most surfer-friendly spot on Lembongan. It’s an easier paddle, being closer to shore, continues to break at lower tides, is a little bit deeper and offers more wall to work as opposed to the flat out barrels nearby. The lefts are better with a few lip-bashing opportunities along a tapered wall, while the rights may pitch slightly, but fade quickly. Constant current to paddle against and the whole area is surrounded by a flotilla of cruisers, pontoons and leisure craft catering for the daily influx of Bali tourists.

Lacerations (left and right hander)

Hard core right with excellent, wide open tube time on offer as the tide floods the sharp, shallow reef. It’s a pitching, air-drop entry from the peak into a straight barrel section then a further sucky bowl as it approaches the channel marked by floating mooring lines that litter the bay. Not easy, not long and not empty but it’s more challenging than neighbours Shipwrecks and Playgrounds. Occasionally the lefts are makeable and there are a few more, hollow, ridiculously shallow sections of reef nearby.

Shipwrecks (right hander)

Iconic Nusa Lembongan break marked by a rusting ship bow on long exposed reef platform. Non-existent at low tide, it starts breaking on the push to mid and sets start rearing up out of nowhere, peeling fast with a high, tight envelope and open shoulder. Gets packed with surfers of all standards so snagging one and avoiding the scratchers is part of the deal. Getting the tide just right is the trick – mid on springs, higher on neaps. Watch out for scrap metal on the reef and seaweed sticks.

Razor (left hander)

Next to Shipwrecks, this long left hander is easy to spot from the shore as it is always breaking and is bigger than other spots. Choos your wave carefully as some of the sets close out. This is best for experienced surfers as there are many seaweed sticks.

Ceningan (left hander)

Off the SW tip of the barely populated Ceningan island is a lefthander that lines up rolling walls with a nice steep pocket and predictable sections. Some protection from the trades but it can get messy with currents and deepwater channel affecting the swell. Good small swell, low tide option when Lembongan isn’t working, it gets powerful and sketchy when the swell jumps. Best accessed by boat, although there is a few ways down the cave-pocked cliffs, but it’s only sometimes crowded. Locals say it is sharky.

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