Nine Reasons to Choose Ceningan Resort

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Are you looking for a unique Bali experience the way it was 20 years ago?

You deserve a holiday from which you return, both invigorated and inspired.

What is your perfect holiday? We hope that you enjoy exploring new destinations, blazing your own path, spending time with caring people, eating delicious food, diving amazing world-class sites, and creating memories that last long beyond your tan line.

Should you hope to escape the clutter of every day routine, our resorts offer a unique setting. We don`t to impress you with pretentious concepts, our resort is a reflection of our combined personalities and values. We cut down the excesses to focus on our guests and our environment.

Ceningan Resort is located near pristine mangrove on Nusa Ceningan, a relatively undeveloped island located 25kms from the east coast of Bali. The island is rich with lush vegetations, traditions and loving people anxious to share their culture and passion with you.

There are many reasons to stay with us. We hope these ten reasons will inspire you to join us on your next holiday to Bali, Indonesia.

Nine Reasons to Choose Ceningan Resort

Nine Reasons to Choose Ceningan Resort

ONE – Magical off the Beaten Path Location

We are located near on Nusa Ceningan, the smallest of 3 islands on the east coast of Bali and part of the Nusa Penida Marine park. This region has been declared a marine protected area, we have access to many world-class dive sites within 10 to 20 minutes from our jetty. Our Resort is located on the shoreline of pristine mangroves, surrounded by coconut tree forest.

Ceningan Resort is your home away from home. Our resort is the culmination of years of hard work to achieve our collective dreams. From our cosy bar to our spacious lounge, our bungalows and our boat, we hope the atmosphere we created will satiate your daily needs and provide you with the tranquility you seek at the end of an amazing day in paradise.

TWO – Our Professional Experience

Our award-winning team of local and international service-oriented, experienced dive instructors has been honing their skills with one goal in mind: To better serve you! We are PADI Platinum Course Directors, Master Instructors, and Master Scuba Diver Trainers with more than 20,000 combined dives and 20 years of diving experience in Bali. We have made Indonesia our home and we work closely with the local community to ensure our guests get the most out of their time with us on Ceningan Island. In addition to guiding our international guests, we are continuously guiding film crews, world famous photographers, researchers and journalists.

THREE – Nusa Ceningan Proximity to Bali Mainland

Thanks to the close proximity to Bali and Denpasar (DPS) international airport. The transfers to Nusa Ceningan is just a short journey of about 45 minutes by speed boat from Sanur or Benoa harbour to our resort’s private jetty. There are also a number of speedboat companies that leave from both locations to Nusa Lembongan several times per day. From Mushroom Bay on Lembongan to our resort is only a short 15 minutes drive.

FOUR – Our Resort Footprint

We care deeply about the island that has become our home. This is why we pro-actively take part in conservation initiatives and work with the local community to ensure we operate as an eco-friendly resort. We promote low impact tourism, recycling, and conservation efforts to ensure that Nusa Ceningan remains a sustainable island for future generations. Together, we can help conserve this amazing paradise and its inhabitants – both: above & below

FIVE – The Coral Triangle

Nusa Ceningan, Bali has the distinction of being located in the Southwest corner of what is referred to as The Coral Triangle. This area is recognized as the global center of marine biodiversity. Considered the underwater equivalent of the Amazon rainforest and one of the most important marine nurseries in the world, it harbours more species than any other marine environment we know of, including 76% of all coral types and more than 3000 species of fish.

SIX – Safety First

With more than 20 years of industry related experience, we pride ourselves on an excellent safety record. We have a range of safety provisions including, procedures, comprehensive equipment, and staff training. Our resort has a large oxygen reserve and first aid equipment, our boat has both a first aid and oxygen kits on board. Our resort staff are certified Emergency First Responders (EFR) and We have 2 EFR Instructor Trainers and 3 EFR Instructors on our team.

SEVEN – Ceningan Resort Lounge

Ceningan Resort has the most extensive collection of Board Games on the island. You can enjoy a fun social evening with games in our lounge. We have a broad selection of hooka pipe, and flavoured Shisha tobaccos. We play the occasional movie and host weekly game nights and educational events for our guests and team.

EIGHT – Ceningan Island Restaurant

We cater to all tastes and provide a healthy fusion of western and Indonesian dishes. Our kitchen will serve familiar dishes will offering you the chance to discover new local and tropical fruits and vegetables. Our international team also add a variety of their favourite items on the menu. If you crave a healthy snack or a home-cooked meal, our diversified daily menu will satiate the foodie in you.

NINE – Our Team and Our Guests

You will get to meet and know some of the friendliest people on the planet; our team and our guests! After all, as resort operators, we can only hope that our dream place meet your expectations and that you, our guests will have an amazing time with us on Nusa Ceningan Island.

We are open to your feedback and comments, if you have an idea on how we can improve our services and offerings, we are happy to heard from you. With that in mind we have a great reward program for guests we are proactively helping us improve our facilities and team.

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